Karen & Chad

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We Promise These Things To You

Our promise to you is that if you choose us to parent your child, we will make sure they will experience adventures, laughter, and unconditional love. Not every day will be easy, but we promise to love your child and guide them through the good and hard days. We promise that we will make mistakes, but we promise to learn from them. We promise days full of laughter and fun. We also know there will be days that will hold tears and I'm sorries. Our promise is to love your child and equip them with tools that will help guide them as they grow. We promise to value their uniqueness and interests that will help them blaze their own path to success. We are with you as you walk this journey, as you consider the decision of what would be the best future for both of you. Lastly, we promise to always honor you and celebrate your strength, love, and courage.

Our Families

Karen is very close to both of her parents. They are divorced, but she speaks to both of them almost daily. Her dad lives in Florida, but he makes sure to visit frequently. Her mom lives just a few hours away, and they spend as much time together as they can. She is close to her sisters and their families as well. One of life's greatest joys has been being a part of watching her nieces and nephews grow up! Chad is also very close to his family. He is adopted and is very much like his dad. His parents live behind us on the same property. We enjoy having them nearby and getting to spend time with them. His younger sister also lives close and has 3 children with her husband. We always have a good time together. His extended family is also very large and we have a blast every summer at the annual family reunion.

Our Dogs

We have two dogs. Brazos is our older pup. He is a mix of what looks like Beagle and Boxer. He is a great dog! Daphne is still a puppy. She is a mix of a variety of Terriers and is quite silly! We genuinely love being together on every level.

Home Sweet Home

We live in the wide-open Texas hill country, but not too far from city life. Our neighborhood is peaceful and quiet. We live on a few acres with a wide-open back yard. When it cools off in the fall, there are a bunch of deer in the yard very morning, which can be so peaceful to watch. Our home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Our favorite spot is our living room where we can all be together and the back porch swing that looks over the yard. We love the small town we live in. Our church is a beautiful landmark in our community and we have a precious town square with festivals, spunky shops, and a perfect little coffee shop. We can also get into a big city to shop and find more entertainment when we want to not far from us.

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