Amanda & Kyle

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Kyle - by Amanda

Kyle is always looking for ways to make other people happy! If he’s being extra goofy, you might as well laugh or he’ll keep going until you do! He’s able to make light of any situation which makes those stressful days disappear and make you realize life is too short to take everything too seriously!I always knew I was meant to be an elementary teacher, but Kyle’s calling to be a funeral director is on a whole other level. His empathy for people during the darkest times in their life and ability to encourage them throughout the process is absolutely a gift from God. After losing my father, I got to see Kyle’s goodness first hand. I cannot even begin to put in words his ability to comfort, support, and be the overall glue that held my emotions and our family together during that time.

Meet Amanda - by Kyle

Amanda is competitive. She loves games and activities (but you better let her win!) She does know how to be a good sport though ;).She loves children. Her calling in life is to grow and mold young children to reach their full potential. She has a true gift when it comes to teaching and connecting with children. Hence, why she is a very great teacher, aunt, and spouse!

Our Home

When we moved to North Texas, it seemed like everyone else was too! We were excited to be buying our first house together yet were outbid twice! After work one day, our realtor had us meet her in this neighborhood we hadn’t yet visited. Amanda got there first, immediately fell in love but put on her poker face to get Kyle’s genuine reaction. When Kyle arrived, he stepped out of his truck and hadn’t even closed the door before saying, “Yep, this is the one!” It’s the perfect 4 bedroom, 2 bath, Joanna Gaines inspired home that we immediately saw our children being raised in. To top it all off (as if it wasn’t perfect already in our minds), we began meeting our neighbors who are now some of our best friends! We also invited some friends over that we had met through Amanda’s brother and sister-in-law who loved the neighborhood so much, they decided to build here as well! Our community and area are very diverse, with great schools, and less than a mile from our church home.

Before You Go

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us! We can guarantee your child will be entering the most loving home and family possible with strong values and lots of laughs! Love,Amanda & Kyle

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